I guess everyone working with horses has encountered the situation that you are trying to teach your horse something and it just doesn't work. The horse doesn't get it, your timing is bad, your body is in the way - there are so many reasons why a new task seems impossible to achieve. I found that sometimes all it takes is to leave it at that place and let some time pass.

I've been working on my horse starting to canter with me shifting my weight to his outside hind end (opposed to classic German dressage where you put the weight on the inside front leg - exactly the leg that you want to lift, so why put weight on it?). I also want him to circle in a trot following the feel and turn of my body, not the reins. We had some fuss and tail swishing in the past about the canter and some drifting off the circle that I always had to correct with the reins. After ten days off with me in Rome he was almost perfect on both tasks. He started cantering smoothly and almost immediately and stayed tuned on the circle way better than before. Sometimes an idea just needs to sink in, than the horse gets it and will act accordingly.

I am Nadja. And right here I am going to write about horses. I've been involved with them for almost 20 years now - first riding dressage but abandoning it because I was getting nowhere. For me horsemanship became the key to understand and to teach horses. I've been traveling down that road ever since and I have not regretted it. I want to share my experiences with you and am looking forward to your opinion.