A closer look at fear in a horse

If your horse gets scared, you have the chance to get to know him better. It's no secret that horses react differently when afraid, some freak out and run, others flinch, freeze and stare. You will know if your horse is likely to overreact facing a stimulus or if he will take it more calmly. Still, there is more to discover: Relate the source of the fear and the position of the horse. Is he afraid of looking at something, is he afraid of something touching his withers, his back, his feet or is he afraid when something occurs behind his tail? 
The gelding I take care of for example freezes when something scary is in front of him and he won't move. As soon as he learns that he won't die, he relaxes and moves on unconcerned. The Friesian I work with will pass the scary object when asked but explodes as soon as it is behind him and you thought you were safe. 
Get to know where (body parts and his personal space) your horse is sensitive to stimuli and where he is more relaxed. Once you know that, you can prepare him better for dangerous objects and situations he might have to face. 

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