Do it differently - merit your horse's attention

Sometimes it takes a while until we become aware of just how boring we are for our horses. My revealing moment came when I decided that I wanted to mount from the right instead of from the left. I stepped on the chair and asked my horse to come closer and along so I could get on. He immediately turned and offered his left side though I was asking for the right one. It took him several minutes to figure out what I wanted. His confusion was not due to my aids - they were pretty clear - but due to his assumptions. Well, I could interpret his behavior like: he wasn‘t listening. But he was. He was just not expecting me to ask for something different than normal, he actually could not believe that I wanted him to turn the other way to get on. If he has so much trouble with me spicing up the routine, what does this tell me about my normal ways? He‘s like a fortune teller who knows exactly what I will be doing. How boring is that? And interestingly enough: When I got on I sat on a completely different horse. He was all attention, all obedience and all thrilled. I could almost steer him by my thoughts. 

My conclusions: 1. spice your routines up to not bore your horse to death and to merit (!!) his attention 2. A tiny change in my behavior can have a huge impact on my horse‘s behavior. 

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