egoism and horses

Our horses are usually happy without us humans. They live on a pasture (well, at least they should) with their herd buddies, have plenty of food and water and can move around freely. The herd and the alpha horse keep them safe. The horse has got all he needs.
Well, and then the human appears. Catches the horse, drags him from the herd and from safety, exposes him to stressfull situations and stimuli he might not understand. Mounts him and holds on to his back like a predator. Punishes the horse if he does not or cannot obey. And you really wonder why your horse runs away as soon as he sees you approaching the gate with a halter? 
I know I am painting a really black picture here and I exaggerate. But my point is: We need to know the needs of the horse. And we must put their needs first before we can achieve our goals. It's our job to adapt to them - not the other way round. We need to give first before we can take. 

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