surviving vs progressing

Image this situation: You lead your horse to the pasture and on the way you have to pass some hay bales wrapped in a tarp. Your horse stares at the tarp and spooks from time to time, especially when it's windy and the tarp is moving. You have walked your horse up there for weeks and he still is upset about these hay bales. The reason might be: You two are just surviving the situation but you are not progressing. Each time you pass, your horse goes "oh not, not that scary thing again" and each time you go "hopefully he will be fine this time." The key here is preparation. Get your horse used to plastic bags around his feet and his body when standing still and when moving. And than work with your horse around these hay bales, don't just lead him by. Get him used to it and allow him to retreat (and reapproach) if he gets in too much trouble. Warwick Schiller did an interesting video on this topic: 

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