"A place to go"

A horseman uses phases. He starts with a small signal ("the good deal" according to Buck Brannaman, phase 1 according to Pat Parelli), and if the horse does not react, he follows through until he is effective ("Do what it takes to be effective" says Brannaman, Parelli calls it phases 2,3 und 4). 
If you look at it from a scientific point of you you will be facing terms like negative or positive reinforcement but also punishment.
I have been wondering for quite some time if the phase 4, which can be ugly sometimes, equals a punishment of the horse. I finally found a quote that answered the question for me (though I don't know anymore who said it): "Offer the horse a place to go". We should show the horse where he is supposed to go, more precisely, what he is supposed to do. And we offer him the chance to do it right. 
In my eyes that is the difference between a punishment and phase 4: If I beat my horse - as a reaction to a behavior I don't like - I won't show him any alternative to his wrong behavior. The phase 4 on the contrary always aims at showing the horse "the place to go".

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