About control

The horse industry offers a lot of devices, tiedowns and bits that are supposed to help if the horse gets out of control. The problem is: Mechanical tools address the symptoms like running off or bucking - but they do not cure or take away the cause for the horses displaced behavior: the fear. 
Horsemen like Warwick Schiller or Buck Brannaman say that it's not the reins that control the horse - the horse needs to control himself. At the very beginning even without a rider. Pat Parelli puts it like this: How should a horse be able to behave with a rider if it's not able to behave on its own? It's our job to teach the horse how to get control over his emotions and how to behave. We need to get to their brain - giving them confidence and taking away the fear. If we are successful we won't have to deal with behavioral issues anymore. 

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