"Don't make assumptions"

"Don't make assumptions" is a quote by Pat Parelli. Our horses are not supposed to make assumptions, for example starting a maneuver before we have asked for it, and it is our responsibility to not teach them to make assumptions.I think the quote works the other way round too: We humans too should not make assumptions but take what we find and work with it, meet the horse where he is at and not at the place we think he is. An old mare recently taught me that lesson. I wanted to train her body, move her around a bit to stretch her and help her stay flexible. I focussed so much on my goal that I noticed quite lately that the mare mentally and emotionally was not at all capable to follow my plan. I actually confused and scared her with my focus. That has taught me once more how important it is to observe the and feel for the horse, to find out where he the horse is at and to start from there - not from the point we are at or we think the horse might be.

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