reaction and response

When asked for something, a horse will either react or respond. If he reacts, he does it intuitively, spontaneously, whereas a response is linked to him understanding what the human wants.  As we want the horse to think his way trough a task, we want him to respond, not to react.
Often, a reaction is the first thing that will happen before a response can follow. The horse will react instinctively, out of fear or confusion because it doesn't know how to cope with the pressure we are applying. If we release the pressure at the right moment, we teach the horse how to make us go quiet again. He can learn and think - and that is what will turn his reaction into a response. It takes practice and a good timing on our part. The horse learns that we allow him to think, that it doesn't have to hurry and that we always ask for something he is able to give us. 

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