It's not about the problem

When it comes to solving problems, the human will most likely choose a way that does not help the horse. Let me give you an example: The horse will not stand still while mounting. The typical reaction of a human would be to have someone else hold the horse to stop him from moving his feet.
That might fix the problem for a little while but the reason - why the horse moves in the first place - is not addressed. Most likely the horse will try to evade the mounting situation in another way. He might pull back, shoot backward or refuse to even go near the mounting block. 
Instead of holding him, it would make sense to think about why the horse moves when mounted. He can have experienced trouble when a clumpsy rider got on and disturbed his balance. But more likely this issue is not about getting on but about a lack of preparation. The horse might not have learned to stand still and accept a human at his side, cinching, adjusting the stirrups - and mounting. 
This concept is emphasized in the videos of Warwick Schiller. Be it the horse standing still, giving his feet or being led away from his best buddy: Schiller usually doesn't address the problem at hand but his relationship with the horse. He established a respect system from the ground and makes sure the preparation is solid. And the problems disappear one after another. 
So make sure your horse is prepared and to take it step by step - without skipping steps!

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