Our first video

I did a video with Paledo. The subtitles are in German - therefore you'll get a short translation what they say in here: 

Title: sideways and back - communication from the ground
first subtitle (second 5): The horse is supposed to react on my body language, not because I pull on the rope. Therefore there is slack in the rope
second subtitle (second 21): When he doesn't step under enough with his hind leg, I correct that by looking at his hindend
third subtitle (second 32): I lean forward a bit and take some of the space Paledo is supposed to give by backing up
forth subtitle (second 47): Paledo lowers his head, chews and licks his lips. My release came at the right time.
fifth subtitle (second 58): I lean forward, Paledo synchronizes and shifts his weight back.

Thanks for watching!

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