Rantler and the Rant of the Month

I don‘t like horse people who roam the country wagging their finger and telling others what to believe and what to do. But sometimes I too feel the need to lecture people (and I know this is no good a tendency). So here comes my lecture of the month! To differentiate it from the well thought trough and highly elaborated utterances of the wagging finger horse people I will deliver it as a rant. Here we go:

I am not able to put into words (and that in itself is saying something) how people unnerve me who characterize their horses with a flood of negative attributes they themselves have to answer for. „He‘s insensitive“. „He‘s slow to catch on“. „He will run you over.“ „He will ignore you“. „He‘s just plain stupid.“

Those are some sentences out of a sheer endless procession of bad traits, judged from a perspective of endless human arrogance
Those people who are too ignorant to realize that their horse‘s behavior unfortunately is just a reaction on their own, or if they perceive it who are too lazy to offer their horse some quality (as clearity and consistency take work and time), those people I want to yell in their faces: „He‘s insensitive because you are a brute.“ 
„He‘s slow to catch on because you are unable to get across what you want.“ 
„He runs over you because you offer no good reason to follow you.“ 
„He ignores you because you‘ve proven over and over again that you have nothing important to say.“ 
„He is just plain stupid because you give him a hard time learning.“

People, your horses will only be as smart, brave and sensitive as you are yourselves. If you don‘t like what you see in your horse - well, go on and start working on yourself! 

Anything you want to rant about? I am eager to know!

Rantler from beingwithorses
Rantler is in a bad, bad mood
PS: This will be a once in a month exception. I have no interest in pointing fingers and in patronizing people - they can decide for themselves what is good for them and their horses. And the vast majority of the content I keep delivering will be balanced and rather on the factual side of things.

But horses can be an emotional subject and I think it‘s fair to let these emotions out once in a while - no offence intended. In order for you to know when to duck away and when approach casually, let me introduce Rantler here. As soon as he shows up, you know: she's scolding again!


  1. Excellent post - very well said. Elaine

  2. How about riding instructors telling you 'he's taking the p***, you're letting him get away with it'! I don't think so! I doubt the horse has the intention of deliberately trying to put one over on me! Good blog by the way, I'm in the UK but glad I found it. Linny x

  3. Thank you Linny. I've heart this yelling too and think the riding instructors are simply wrong. We must try to offer our horses a better deal - then they will stop what we call misbehaving.