Dealing with frustration

This horse frustrates me. Not all the time of course. But there are moments that occur every once in a while and they go like this: 

If I come to you really slowly maybe you will forget that you wanted to catch me in the first place“; „If I turn my head away maybe you will finally get that I hate that bridle“; „If you sit there in the corner and I do not come up to you maybe you will finally understand that you don‘t mean anything to me“; „Hello, I am here in my stall! Would you mind to bring the food over? I have been waiting for half an hour now“; „Hello! Have you checked your watch? You are very late to turn me out on the pasture!“

"Are you sure you want to catch me? Cause I am busy as you can see"
This horse has the amazing capacity to just not give me what I need in that moment. I had been back from a clinic - unsure of myself, doubting if what I have been doing and believed in the last years is right. And this horse has nothing better to do than to tell me to go to hell (but cater to his needs first)! That he hadn‘t any interest in what I wanted and that he was not willing to cooperate.
I know that I am at a place mentally where I shouldn‘t be around him - so I catered to his needs and took off. And I think exactly that he wanted to transmit: „Come back when you‘ve pulled yourself together.“ So everything is right and correct in a way. If you want comfort, you better visit your dog. A horse shouldn‘t need to deal with emotions like self doubt on the human part.  

Have you experienced any of this lately? 

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