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I've joined a blogger community on Facebook a few months ago and I was amazed how many people simply test products - most of the time cosmetics. Though I don't want to join the crowd - I think simply testing is pretty boring - it inspired me to do a post on gear
I don't know about you, but I love my riding bootsAriat ankle boots, to be precise. I am no style nut (on the contrary) and I don't care which equestrian brand is hippest at the moment. But I love these boots. They are my second pair, actually. I killed the first one by ignoring that leather needs treatment from time to time. I bought them 2006 for my first stay on the Rocking Z Ranch, Montana, so it's not only a great product but also linked with good memories. 
They cost a lot of money, Ariat is expensive (at least here in Germany) but worth every cent. I loved the first pair and I love the successor. When they died, I grieved about it so badly my boyfriend gave me a new pair for Christmas (which was not my intention at all). Without trying them on I knew they would be ideal. And they are.

I am in love with my boots. Foto: Nadja

They are just the perfect fit, they don't squeeze your toes or twitch the skin on your ankles. You can walk in them for miles without blistering. They will take a horse stepping on your toes (and help your toes survive), they will take rain and sun and --- never mind. 
These boots have become my steady companions.  
Additionally, they are perfect to wear along with jodhpurs (my second great love of horse gear. I prefer those of USG, by the way, but I don't know if you can purchase them beyond Germany). 
Years ago, when I dropped out of the riding club, I wondered why dressage riding would always take place in tight riding pants which tend to emphasize body parts you would rather not have drawn any attention to. I also wondered why I had to wear boots so high they would pinch my knee pit with every stride and stiffen the joints in my legs that I would rather be loose. Another thing I'd probably never get is why some dressage riders wear knee-length socks over their breeches even when the temperatures are so high that fetching your horse from the pasture is enough to break a sweat. But never mind, it's great to have a choice in gear and in school of thought.

With quitting the club I abandoned all those uncomfortable clothes and boots. Not all at once, but I gradually shifted to a gear that suited me better. And free of not being obliged to follow training methods I didn't like, I found horsemanship - which is the best fit of all!  

PS: I wish Ariat and USG would pay me for this advertising but they don't :)
PS: Please dressage riders out there in tight pants and high boots, don't feel attacked. What is comfortable for me, might not be for everyone :)
PPS: I submitted this post to the blogging contest "what's your favorite equestrian product?"of Equestrian Collections. I chose the category riding boots.

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