11 things you don't know about me (yet)

Let's get personal. At bloggen.co (I am sorry, it's in German) I've read that list-posts are a nice way to get information across. They are easy to read and quite popular at the moment. So I thought I join the crowd. Here we go

11 facts you don't know about me (yet)

1. I have a deep affection for bumble bees and I am redesigning my parents' garden to the needs of the bumble bee
2. I love animals that feature round, furry and rather thick (like a bumble bee and like my project horse)
3. I can't stand people and political parties who tell me what to do and what to believe in
4. I love mars bar ice-cream
5. I am an editor and I worked for a regional newspaper
6. If I had a choice of what to be, I couldn't make my mind up between artist and cowboy 
7. I have an degree in arts history from the renowned university of Heidelberg
8. I love hats - you'll find my wearing my stetson at the barn and some straw summer hat in town
9. I am interested in so many things that have nothing in common at all (if you have any suggestions on how to combine art history and horses, and make money with it, let me know) that I sometimes loose my focus
10. After years of searching and experimenting I have found the recipe for the most delicious chocolate muffins on earth (and beyond)
11. I built and customized a wooden shelf for our bathroom.

If you want to join, go ahead and reveal your secrets :) !

list post
Prettiest horse on earth. Photo: Marko


  1. What a cool idea to share some more info one would never ask for! Great! I love it - will be doing it as well :)

  2. Cool! I'll check your blog to learn about your secrets :)