Cowgirl up

You've already learned of my love for my ariat boots and my jodhpurs. I don't know if you enjoyed reading the post but I fore sure enjoyed writing it and this is why I proudly present the sequel of what I might call "My most beloved gear". Or something.
We purchase a lot in our life as horse addicts and riders. But some items just protrude. Because of their quality, their looks, their durability or simply because they come in so handy.
Like my hat. It's a stetson felt hat, brown with a string around the neck. I picked it from perceived a thousand models somewhere in a store in Montana, US. I was wearing it on my trip home and gathered some irritated looks from urbane travelers at the Frankfurt hub. I even had it sent back from France where I forgot it.
equipment horses
My hat. Photo: Nadja

At my barn people might think "she's playing cowgirl again". But tell you what: I don't care. This hat does not only look pretty good on my head (at least in my opinion), it's also just plain functional. If the rein is pouring down, it protects your head and allows you to stay outside even when the weather is miserable. If the sun is burning down, it will shade you face, spare you a sunburn and keep you from blinking incessantly. It has been folded tightly, stomped, stood on and bitten by some nasty muzzles, it has been soaked and bleached. Never mind, the heat is still going strong and I don't want to miss it. And of course it carries a bit of a laid back attitude too.
Another favorite item of mine is my 45 foot lariat rope though I get tangled in it every time I use it and am probably a pretty ridiculous cowgirl. Carries around a lasso and and doesn't know how to handle it. Well, I don't intend to rope cows anyway. I use it as a communication device for the horse, as a particularly long line. It's made for the use on horses (special sort of rope I guess). I like it because it's stiff enough and offers enough stability to not get completely lost plus it is light enough to not pull on the horses head. 
My project horse - who's rather on the lazy side - does flying lead changes on it. It allows him to move out quite a lot and less confined, he is more motivated to go. I also like to put it in a loop around his head (but none that tightens!) to test where he is at mentally. I can control his neck but not his nose - so I see if he's tuned in to me looking at me or if he's looking out (I picked that up from Stephen Halfpenny, who has some great videos on youtube). 
So now you know about what I like to use. Tell me about your favorite items!


  1. I wish I could wear hats! But they simply do not look good on me :D I love my show earrings - pearls and bling bling! I lost them somehow last season and just found them again - they were in my car <3

    1. I'm sure they go well with the bling on the spurs :) I like it if someone has a style and follows it (lost my favorite earrings years ago. Haven't found them though. Really sad)