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Some horses don't defend themselves. Others might toss their heads, kick or bolt, but this kind stays still, their eyes become bigger, glaze over, their body shrinks and tightens. They tuck their tail, contract their mouth, grunt or gasp trying to tell us humans to back down because they are having trouble. But we don't listen, we don't see their struggle and we continue with our demands, our loud aids, our whips and reins and spurs. 

The gelding I have been taking care of for the past ten years is such a horse. Gentle, obedient, still. And facing no resistance, we humans drive and push all the more, we want to develop, form, improve, reach our goals. It took me a long time to understand that the lack of fightback in a horse doesn't necessarily equal understanding.

But the horse countered my ignorance and my impatience with softness and loyalty. With helplessness and attentive eyes, maybe hoping - I don't know if horses are capable to feel hope - that I would change for the better. 
This is why I write this blog. 

responsibilities of a horse person
Give him some peace. Foto: Nadja

We horse people have not only the responsibility to be the best teachers possible for our horses. We need to let them teach us too. This is a mutual relationship, not a one way street where the human is the one telling and the horse is the one listening. It works the other way round as well.
To live up to the horse we need to stop thinking in our human categories. We need to look closely - and not turn away because we see things we'd rather not. We need to be in control of our emotions, and don't let false pride, vanity or disproportionate ambition take over.
Becoming a horseman starts with a decision, but is a process that never ends. We simple can never learn everything that is to learn about horses. 
So in this blog I write about the experiences and small epiphanies I've had being with horses. Interesting enough, they become more and more not less. He who has a closer look catches more, I guess. 
If we raise our awareness to these details and train our attention, we have the chance to become better partners for our horses. Not more, but no less either is my concern. 

Do you have a "why" that fuels you? Let me know!

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