Goofing around

I had the two horses I currently take care of in the arena today. I rode the smaller one bareback, and the other one run free. It was such a nice experience. The horses, both geldings, know each other from the pasture, they are in one herd, and the one I was on is the alpha (which is decent when riding as the other horse can be easily directed). 
I had no idea what would happen and was just experimenting. When I turn them loose, they often go separate ways in the arena, with the big Frisian exploring and wandering around and the warmblood relaxing and not moving a foot.

riding two horses at once
The picture was taken another day when
we did some liberty work in the arena
together. Those horses are true characters.
Photo: Marko
So I hopped on the warmblood, and the frisian was following us right away. He stayed with us even in his spooky corners (of sudden death) and even managed to be squeezed between us and the terrible corner (of the eternal darkness). 
He was relaxed and responsive. As I gave him quite a good foundation on the ground, I could steer him from horseback as if I was on foot. So we did some hind - and frontend yields, some sideways parallel with my riding horse side passing plus we rode straight and the frisian would side pass with us driving him. 
Sometimes, when the he was about to overtake us (as the warmblood has not too much go) I used my riding stick to steer his nose which worked really well. Another time I rested the stick on the withers of both horses when they teamed up and it lasted for quite some strides.
I know this is just goofing around, but it was so much fun. The horses did not overwork themselves but it was a great lesson in harmony and relaxation. I am proud of them!