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You are about to read the first book review on this blog - and it's a novel. I quite honestly did not intend to review fiction in the first place, but I have a soft spot for horse racing, so I said "yes" when racing romance author Hannah Hooton asked. Here we go:

Basically, what you see is what you get: Look at the cover of Hannah Hooton‘s book „Share and share alike“ and you know what you are about to read - a novel featuring horse racing and romance in equal parts. 
It is the third part of Hooton‘s Aspen Valley series that concerns itself with the horse racing stable at Aspen Valley and the people involved with it. Whereas part one and two feature the stories of horse trainer, groom and jockey, the third part‘s main character is Tessa Hawkesbury-Loye, the rebellious daugther of the old Lord living at Aspen Valley manor. She‘s been away for a while from home, working and finding out about herself, and now comes back to buy in the owner syndicate of racehorse Ta‘Quali, administered by her brother Gus. 

share and share alike hannah hooton
"Share and Share alike" by Hannah Hooton is
the third book of the Aspen Valley Series.
Picture: Hannah Hooton
Tessa was looking for an distraction and trying to leave a past disappointing love behind her - but of course, things turn out differently. Not only are the members of the syndicate a bunch of inherently different people and their being together can be (emotionally) challenging sometimes. But also, Ta‘Quali is found hurt in his stall in the morning which shatters the syndicate's hopes of him taking part in the important Cheltenham hurdle. What is more: The investigating comitee suspects that the horse was injured on purpose - by a member of the syndicate. The financial problems of Gus who is overasked maintaining the slowly decaying manor add to the pile of problems Tessa‘s confronted with. So the protagonist has a lot to deal with and figure out - among other things her attraction to sexy syndicate member Sin (pun intended).

What you get: A witty, easy and entertaining read featuring the everyday tragedies of a woman just having passed the age of 30 (like a spider in the living room, the question of having children or the complication of relationship with men). I didn‘t like Tessa too much, but Hooton made up a coherent and credible character. The gripping narration of the horse races and the insights of the racing scene in general make clear that the author knows what she is writing about. Here, in my eyes, lies the greatest strength of the book. Not to forget a fair (but not excessive) share of romance that is smoothly integrated into the general plot.

What you don‘t get: Don‘t expect an overly sophisticated plot. The narrative structure is pretty clear though Hooton manages a few surprises. Neither look out for psychologically profiled characters. The author stays on the light side of things. 

You want to read it? Here you go to Amazon. Or to iTunes. Or visit Hannah directly here.

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