Sometimes, even the best educated horse is of no use...

There are some human behaviors my brain refuses to understand. Like: The horse is tied up in the aisle. The human wants to turn it around. He walks straight and with a lot of energy to the hindend and hits the horse with his hand on the butt. The horse flinches and stands still. The human pushes, and shoves and swears and doesn‘t understand why the horse does not yield at all but pushes into the pressure of the human‘s hand. 
In this case, it‘s a horse I know quite well because I‘ve trained her. I know how sublty and how willingly she will react - if the human asks politely.

I find it astonishing how humans demand respect and good manners (of animal and fellow humans equally), but especially with horses we fail to live up to our own expectations and act like dumb, drunk idiots who forgot their good upbringing. Plus, we then are dumbfolded if the horses reacts adequatly to our rude behavior meaning he ignores or fights us. Which we interpret as disrespectful and hit him. We punish him for our own imcompetence. This drives me nuts. 

I‘ve experienced it over and over again: If the horse responds to our question with opposition, we posed the question wrong. Usually, we go in with way too much pressure and we up it way too fast. The horse is not able to tune in mentally and his only way out is to resist. But if we‘d start out with less than we thought it takes, many problems and issues won‘t even arise at all. 

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