What makes us happy

Sometimes I become so overly focussed on a goal that I cannot appreciate the small steps anymore that lead to it. I loose my sense of gratitude. Fortunately, there are days when I am more aware of the blessings that surround me - and that are reason enough to make one smile even though the horse might not have achieved the flying lead change or brought home the ribbon from the show. 
This is why this post is about the small moments that can lighten our day and make us happy. 

- My project horse doesn't like to move very much. So for me, it's always something special when he offers something on his own initiative. We had him jumping over some small obstacles with his pasture buddy. Not only was he investigating the jump when we were still building it, he also ran some extra laps and jumped very focussed. 

- Also, I just love to watch how he sorts his legs (he jumps very economically) and how effortlessly he changes leads.

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Rolling definitely makes the horse happy. Photo: Nadja

- Sometimes, I work with the lariat. It has a better feel to it than the floppy lunge line and it is nice to have for bigger distances. I sent the gelding on a circle using quite some energy - he jumped out, tossing his head, bucking and kicking and he caught his hind leg in the lariat. When that had happened the last time, he got scared and ran backwards to get rid of the pressure (which build up on the halter on his head). This time, he stopped, yielded his hind end to the outside and looked at me. I took that as a question for help on his part - and I truly like that. That he turns to me when he is unsure (although he took off few moments before).   

- Well, I don't know if you can relate to that, but I am happy when I see the gelding roll in the dirt like he was 5 years old - and not 4 times that age. 

- As he is a rather independent horse (and not too enthusiastic about humans) I am always happy when he comes to greet me on the pasture. Or sometimes, when I am talking with somebody, he walks over and just stands there relaxing next to us and choosing our nearness. 

- When I come to the gelding, I usually stretch out my hand and offer him to sniff it. It's a ritual, like saying hello. Sometimes, when I lead him somewhere and he becomes distracted or even a bit tense, I also offer him my hand. Often he will lower his head and touch it - it refocusses him and it relaxes him almost immediately. 

- I also love it when we pause together and he rests his forehand on my knee or leg. He does not seek contact very often. 

Do you also appreciate these small moments of bliss? 


  1. definitely! just need to make sure, as you said, that you do not miss them! :)

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