Construction work

Dear readers,

please don't wonder: This blog is undergoing a design relaunch (sounds great but it's just me and my humble HTML-knowledge trying to work things out). I am sorry if posts disappear or sites cannot be found - I am working on it.



  1. OMG yes, I just did the same a month ago! the last 20mins I spent answering comments where I never got notified that there WERE comments! and I thought nobody is replying to my posts anymore :D AND I do not have a date stamp anymore, some things look really awful....after this week's show, I will try to get these fixed.....keep up the good work!

  2. It was you who inspired me in the first place! I like the clean new design of your blog and I was like "wait a minute, doesn't she uses google blogger too?" Cause I always thought that the cool design was only for wordpress blogs. So I checked your theme, googled some more and here we go :). Funny enough, getting the design to work on this blog was ok. Then I did the same for the German version (which is way bigger) and bang - nothing worked, the whole template blown to pieces. And there I was with my pseudo-html completely helpless facing blog-design-desaster. My boyfriend saved me: He debugged it (can you imagine it were quotation marks in the blogs' titles that blew the whole thing?). So if I can help you, let me know :D