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Some books I've read and I can recommend


Philippe Karl: "Twisted truth of modern dressage"

Karl promotes his school of Légèreté, but it also is a good read if you are not training like he does. He explains the biomechanics in the horse's body, gives some insights in the history of riding and is often quite fun to read as his style is rather trenchant - in writing as well as in drawings.

Sally Swift: "Centered Riding"

Quite a classic. Swift uses mental images to improve the posture and seat of the rider. It's an innovate approach to riding and very helpful.

Gerd Heuschmann: "Tug of war"

The heart of the book is important: We need to right our horses in a way that keeps them sound. Heuschmann is a german 
veterinarian and quite driven by his fight against bad dressage (that he finds in the show rings at competitions) and rollkur. His cause is just but his writing pretty bad. Also, the images are not easily to comprehend. Still, an important book.


Mark Rashid: "Whole heart, whole horse - building trust between horse and rider"

The titel doesn't suit the book, as it doesn't give a step to step approach how to build trust with your horse. Instead, Rashid tells stories from his life with horses that can be inspiring. To me they are like pieces of a puzzle that complement my own horsemanship journey.

Robert M. Miller: "Natural horsemanship explained - from heart to hands"
Miller is a veterinarian and has accompanied and studied the development of horsemanship.  He explains why it works taking into account the nature of the horse. Though the techniques work, without the right mindset horsemanship is just another way to train horses.

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